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Board of Directors

Mats Forsman

Chairman of the Board

MSc | Born 1947 | Board member since 2018

Mats Forsman has more than 30 years’ experience in senior production and marketing roles at AstraZeneca. Mats also has extensive experience from the innovation system in Umeå through various roles within Innovationsbron Umeå AB and Umeå Universitet Holding AB, as well as through own enterprises.

Other ongoing assignments: Chairman of the Board at Airframe AB and deputy board member at Forsman i Kråken AB


Mats Pernhem

Director of the Board

Born 1958 | Board member since 2019

Mats Pernhem has a comprehensive track record and experience from business life. Mats has been the business area manager for Personal Assistance at Frösunda Omsorg AB. His responsibilities included operations that had sales of approximately SEK 2 billion with approximately 6,000 employees. Mats has previously been CEO of Rehab Station AB (medical rehabilitation), CEO of HKC Hotels (hotel chain) and Restaurant manager at Idre Fjäll. His involvement in sports and ice hockey began in IF Troja-Ljungby and he has through the years been engaged as a coach, team leader and board member of several hockey clubs.

Other ongoing assignments: Board member of Pernhem Consulting AB, deputy board member of Tarpen Nordic AB

Holdings: 0 shares

Anders Hansson

Director of the Board

Born 1953 | Board member since 2018

Anders Hansson has served as administrative and financial director in listed companies as well as private entities, and has held leading roles in the sale of businesses as well as initial public offerings. Anders Hansson was a board member of CTT systems 1997-2001 and was in charge of CTT’s initial public offering in 1997.

Holdings: 0 shares