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PolarCool AB (publ) is a medical device company that develops, markets, and sells products for sports medicine. The company focuses on treatment of concussive and sub-concussive brain injury with the portable cooling device PolarCap® System. PolarCool AB (publ) is based in Lund, Sweden, and its shares are listed on Spotlight Stock Market.

Our vision

PolarCool’s vision is that cooling becomes a standard treatment of head trauma within sports and recreational activities, thereby limiting brain injury in contact and combat sports.

Our objective

PolarCool’s objective is to have the portable brain cooling device PolarCap® System available for athletes, teams, and organizations.

Our business idea

PolarCool’s business idea is to provide PolarCap® System as a treatment method for individuals suffering from a concussion or participating in an activity where repetitive head impact occurs. Our solution is based on the scientific hypothesis that medical cooling can relieve symptoms, prevent the development of long-term chronic brain injuries, and accelerate recovery.

Our strategy

PolarCool’s strategy entails marketing and sales to athletes and organizations participating in activities where concussions and repetitive head collisions are commonplace. In addition, through continued clinical trials, PolarCool will demonstrate the benefit of cooling as well as the efficacy of PolarCap® System.